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Zachary Torres

Zachary TorreshFAN4Kids is excited to introduce the new “FAN of the Month”….. Zachary Torres! Zachary has taken the FAN4Kids messages of eating well and being physically active to the next level! He has participated in FAN4Kids for more than three years at The New Vision School in the Bronx. The education and fitness training he has received has helped him to make numerous lifestyle changes to the way he nourishes his body and keeps it physically fit. Zachary strives to eat a colorful plate at every meal, and shoots for at least five different colored fruits and vegetables a day. He knows how to read the ingredient list on food packages and looks to make sure his rice, cereal, and other grain foods are both minimally processed and whole grain. Zachary also knows how to read nutrition labels, and makes sure he’s choosing foods that have healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals and are low in sugar and sodium. Most importantly, Zachary chooses to nourish his body with real foods from nature. Some of his favorites foods are; mangos, peaches, and carrots. Zachary has made a solid effort to cut out processed foods that he used to think were healthy, such as; “fruit” sodas/drinks, snack cakes, and other processed grains. In addition, Zachary has made a life-long commitment to stay physically fit. Zachary pushes himself and his family to be physically active everyday. Zachary says he keeps active because he knows exercise is not only good for building strong muscles, strengthening the heart and bones; but also, it really makes him happy. Some of Zachary’s favorite fitness activities include; basketball, track & field, push-ups, and going on walks with his family.

Cheers to you Zachary!! We at FAN4Kids are very proud of your successful efforts to make you and your family as healthy and happy as can be!