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Since our inception in 2004, FAN4Kids has made a profound impact on the children and families we educate and empower through our programming. Our academic year-long fitness, nutrition and advocacy program not only increases our students’ knowledge, it changes lifestyle habits expanding outside of our schools into the marginalized communities we serve. The consistent results proven every year by our metrics are improved behaviors and health of our students, families, and community members. The culture of our FAN4Kids schools transition to one of access to the wellness curriculum that all children deserve regardless of their background or income level.

FAN4Kids has developed well-researched metrics to measure the success of our program. Check out our recent and compelling data below.

FAN4Kids tracks

4 measures of success

Since 2009 FAN4Kids has developed four metrics to measure the success of its objectives with the guidance of our pediatric board members, advisors, and researchers from Rutgers University:

Improve children’s nutritional choices + exercise habits

Metric: At least 50% of children and families: a) increase fruit & vegetable consumption and daily activity; b) decrease sedentary behaviors and soda consumption. Measured by pre and post program parent surveys.

Improve behavior + focus in school

Metric: A significant decrease (10% minimum) in children’s disciplinary actions and a significant increase in children’s focus immediately following FAN4Kids recess. Measured by teacher surveys.

Improve cardiovascular health

Metric: 65% of students will improve distance covered in a 3 – 4 minute timed shuttle run. Measured at the beginning and end of the FAN4Kids program.

Maintain/reduce students’ Body Mass Index (BMI)

Metric: Stable to improved student BMI from start to end of the FAN4Kids program. Measured by taking students’ heights and weights at beginning and end of the FAN4Kids program.

FAN4Kids parents reported that their children adopted healthier habits thanks to our program.

Out of all the parents surveyed:


think FAN4Kids is a good resource for parents and children to learn about health, nutrition & fitness


saw an increase in their child’s physical activity



said their child was eager to share what they learned in remote FAN4Kids classes


saw an increase in their child’s fruit consumption


saw a growing interest in healthy snack options


saw their child more willing to try new foods


were inspired to cook healthier meals for their family


saw a decrease in their child’s soda consumption


of parents reported an increase in veggie consumption

Our data shows :


Decrease classroom disturbances following FAN4Kids recess


Reduction of obese and overweight rates of the children in our program in 9 months


Improvement in students’ cardiovascular function from September to May tested by a timed shuttle run lap count

FAN4Kids During COVID-19

Although the coronavirus pandemic prevented in-class teaching and the ability to measure year-end BMIs and complete the year-end fitness assessment, FAN4Kids did collect student, parent and teacher surveys for the 2020-2021 school year. As anticipated, FAN4Kids participants made positive healthy lifestyle changes during remote learning, mirroring the steady and consistent results that FAN4Kids has recorded for the last decade.

FAN4Kids is especially pleased that 65% of our students increased their physical activity during stay-at-home orders – a time when it was difficult for many to be physically active.

Student surveys revealed an overwhelmingly positive response to how students felt after a FAN4Kids remote learning session, with:


Feeling Happy


Feeling Healthy


Feeling Energetic

The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that 45.7% of children aged 5 to 11 are overweight, up from 36.2% before the pandemic.

Another study published in Obesity Reviews found that people with obesity who contracted COVID were 113% more likely than people of healthy weight to land in the hospital, 74% more likely to be admitted to an intensive-care unit, and 48% more likely to die.

In a CDC study, researchers examined 432,302 adolescents aged 2 to 19. The research found that participants doubled their rate of body mass index (BMI) increase since the start of the pandemic when most children had to stay at home due to enforced lockdowns and experienced social isolation.

FAN4Kids Rises to the Challenge of the Pandemic

• FAN4Kids transformed its curriculum to a digital platform and offered weekly virtual lessons to students and families through Google Classroom. We provided essential physical activity and nutrition education at a time when it was especially needed.

• FAN4Kids provided remote learning materials weekly, and students were encouraged to complete one activity each day. Activities included: fitness challenges, nutrition facts, food of the week, nutrition and fitness quizzes, fitness breaks, long fitness videos, and exercise demonstrations.

• FAN4Kids held a Virtual Field Day event for local schools.

• FAN4Kids launched a Digital Movement and Healthy Living Series for parents and school staff free of charge, which included mindful meditation, cooking demos, strength and toning, injury prevention, kickboxing and Zumba.

• FAN4Kids monthly virtual dance parties (Club F4K) with live DJ and instructor lessons reached over 700 kids and families each month!

• FAN4Kids is now prepared to deliver both in-person and digital curriculum, workshops and fitness classes to students, parents and staff if ever necessary.

You’re in good company

FAN of the Month

FAN of the Month is someone who exemplifies the FAN4Kids mission and embodies its belief that all children and families no matter where they live should have access to good health, nutrition education and the ability to be active.


Patience Kwarteng

School: PS 273
Class: Ms. Woodstein 101

Sienna Bastida

School: PS 273
Class: Dr. Ford 402

Alexa Cadora

School: PS 69
Class: Mr. Wards 103

Fit Kid of the Month

A Fitkid of the Month is a standout student who shows excellent behavior, sportsmanship, and participation during FAN4Kids class. Each month a new student will be chosen as the FitKid of the Month. The lucky winners will be given a FitKid of the Month certificate, a F4K prize, their picture will be taken, and their name will be announced to the school as the winner!