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“Choose Healthy”… at your local bodega

FAN4Kids is pleased to announce that we are piloting a brand new healthy communities initiative at
schools we serve in NY and NJ. We have been working together with localbodegas/minimarts in the area to help families make healthier choices outside of school. Did you know that many of your local minimarts actually sell a number of healthy snacks? FAN4Kids will start highlighting those healthy snacks by putting FAN4Kids “Choose Healthy” signs next to items we believe to be healthy or a healthier alternative to notso-healthy choices many of us often indulge in. Check out participating bodegas and look for the “choose healthy” signs! Ask your children if they can find these signs around the store and encourage them to choose these healthy and delicious snacks that will help them grow big and strong, instead of the junk food that will slow them down (or make them bounce off the walls). Also, talk to your children about incentives their FAN4Kids instructor is giving them for finding the signs in the stores.

Here are the “Choose Healthy” signs that can be found at the local bodegas. Ask your FAN4Kids instructor which locations are participating and check them out!